After 4 decades…

The Kingdom of Morocco makes a comeback. A confidently beautiful young Moroccan woman will be elected as an ambassador to represent Morocco in Miss Universe. An event that celebrates women from all around the world, providing them with the opportunity to share their culture and background. This international competition empowers the participants to voice their ideas and become role models for the next generations to come.

Who we are

Miss Universe Morocco is a national competition that honors Moroccan women for their beauty and brains.

This pageantery contest offers training and life skills for young women to enhance their inner as well as their physical beauty.

Beyond the stereotypical image of beauty, we bring among us wellspoken women who are confident in their skin and willing to shine and inspire others.

Become Miss Universe Morocco

The winner of Miss Universe Morocco will be the official ambassador representing not only her country and people, but also and ambassador of beauty and peace; demonstrating qualities of confidence, tenderness, dedication, strong work ethic, generosity, and most importantly, international sensitivity.

Sos villages d’enfants

Organizations we support

We aspire to take initiative further then upbringing a role model to inspire younger women. The women selected to participate in this contest should represent generosity and that is first represented through our charitable alliances.

All contestants and our platform engage their influence to positively impact organizations and participate in their upliftment through volunteering, advocacy efforts, and fundraisers.

- SOS Village (an orphanage)

Become Miss Universe Morocco

Are you ambitious, dynamic, and a determined person ? If you fall under the criteria listed below, then this could be the right fit for you! Criteria :
  • You should be a Moroccan citizen to be able to represent Morocco in Miss Universe.
  • You should have a valid Moroccan passport
  • You should be motivated to represent Morocco
  • Following the international criteria, to participate in Miss Morocco, you must be between 18 and 28 years old (at the date of the national and international contest, in November/December 2021)
  • It is preferable to not to be under exclusive advertising contract
  • It is preferable that the participant is single and without children

The Prize

The winner of the national competition will become Morocco’s official ambassador in Miss Universe 2021.

Top 20 participants will have the opportunity to get contracts with our modeling agency.

One winner will compete internationally for the Miss Universe title.
The Miss Universe winner will receive: 

  • An annual salary
  • A professional photoshoot to get your book started
  • Promotional and marketing opportunities
  • Access to Exclusive Premier Events
  • Living quarters in New York during the year of caring the title of Miss Universe 2021 and an ongoing list of luxurious gifts carefully designed for you…

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