My name is Amira Meliani , Born in morocco , almost 25 years old , After graduating from high school in science, I studied my bachelor in Business Administration at the American University of leadership, right after my graduation, I was chosen for a volunteering program and I represented morocco in turkey, I went there talking and making presentations about human rights, gender equality, and sustainable development.
After the program finished, I decided to stay in turkey to do my MBA ( Master in Business Administration ) at the same time working as a project development manager in a well-known company in Istanbul to help myself financially, and volunteering on weekends (going to refugee camps, kids education, gender equality ….).
After graduating, I decided to go to Spain for another master seeking more knowledge and experience. The second master’s was in Project management. At the same time, I was developing a company with my sister.
Currently, I am doing my doctorate in Switzerland, in Business Administration in international management, and my research title is The effect of organizational and economic factors facing women in assuming leadership positions.